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OrganizationOrganization of the Court

Superior Court is headed up by the elected Judges of Cowlitz County who serve as officials of the State of Washington.
The Court Administrator oversees and manages the day-to-day functions of the Superior Court, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probabion & Detention, as well as the Theraputic Courts. Court Administration is also responsible for policy and oversight of the Guardian ad Litem program for the Court.
Administrative Deputies are assigned to various administrative duties for the court as well as serving as the assigned Judicial Assistant to the associated Judicial Department.

Cowlitz County has 5 approved elected judicial officer positions, however only 4 are currently filled. A fifth position was approved by the Legislature however budgetary challenges have hampered the county filling that position.

Superior Court Commissioners are appointed by the elected Judges to cover many dockets and trials normally handled by Judges, often covering for Judges who are serving on different management committes, both local and state. Several of the Commissioners have regular calendars and often serve as Pro Tem Judges by agreement of the parties.

Superior Court Administration is responsible for the day to day operations of the Court. Staff serve as Judicial Assistants to the Judges, as well as manage Court Scheduling, Interpreter Sceduling, Bailiffs, and normal management functions for the operation of the Court.

Cowlitz County has been a leader in the formation of and operation of drug (therapeutic) courts in adult criminal cases, dependency proceedings and in juvenile matters. The County's drug courts have been responsible for returning countless members of our community back to the community as productive, clean and sober individuals.

Personnel who operate and maintain Superior Court Operations at the Juvenile Center

Juvenile Court Administration. Including Clerks and Office Staff at the Juvenile Center.

Juvenile Probation and Court Services are the Court Staff who supervise minors under the supervision of Juvenile Court and also manage the day to day operation of the Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Detention Management Contacts

TELEPHONE: 360 577-3085
FAX (360) 414-5506
TTY (800) 883-6388 OR 7115

KELSO, WA 98626
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