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Requesting Records under GR 31.1

Effective January 1, 2016 the General Rule (GR 31.1) went into effect as passed by the Washington State Supreme Court. This rule was designed to promote transparency between judicial branch of government and the community. Consistent with the principles of open administration of justice as provided in Article I, section 10 of the Washington State Constitution, it is the policy of the judiciary to facilitate access to administrative records. Access to administrative records, however, is not absolute and shall be consistent with exemptions for personal privacy, restrictions in status, restrictions in court rules, and as required for the integrity of judicial decision-making. Access to administrative records shall not unduly burden the business of the judiciary.
If you would like to make a request for access to administrative records as per GR 31.1, please fill out the  Administrative Record Request Form   and submit it to:

Judge Michael Evans
Interim Public Records Officer
312 SW 1st Avenue
Kelso, WA 98626
360) 577-3085
360) 414-5506 (fax)

You can download a copy of the full GR 31.1 Public Records Request Policy at: Superior Court Public Records Request Policy

If you would like to review the complete GR 31.1 court rule, please see the attached on-line site (select 31.1 from the menu):


If you have any questions regarding GR31.1 or the steps you need to take to make a request for access to administrative records, please direct them to person listed above.

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