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H.O.P.E. Court

Cowlitz County Hope Court

A Family Dependency Treatment Court Program


The mission of the HOPE Court is to achieve safe and timely child permanency and family reunifications through judicially managed community based services.

HOPE = Helping Our Parents Excel

Hope Court is a Family Dependency Treatment Court that protects the best interests of the child by intensive use of resources through collaboration between the courts, treatment, child welfare agency, and parents to overcome parental substance abuse while providing a safe and nurturing environment for a child.

Goals for HOPE Court

  • Engage parents in recommended treatment and community services sooner
  • Increase parents successful completion of substance abuse treatment
  • Increase accountability while ensuring child safety
  • Increase family reunification
  • Reduce time children spend in out-of-home placement and the number of placements
  • Break the inter-generational cycle of substance abuse (Prevention)
  • Reduce the re-entry rate of both parent & child

Who is Eligible?

The Cowlitz County HOPE Court is targeting families who are under jurisdiction of Cowlitz County Superior Court and whose child(ren) have been placed in the child welfare system due to alleged child abuse and/or neglect where substance abuse is the main or underlying factor in the child’s removal using the following eligibility criteria:

  • The potential participant must reside in Cowlitz County.
  • The potential participant must be an adult (age 18 or older).
  • Parent participant(s) is able to understand and willing to comply with Program Agreement and Informed Consent on Release/Exchange of Information.
  • Parent participant(s) must have a chemical dependency diagnosis as determined by state accredited Chemical Dependency Professionals
  • Parent participant(s) does not have a chronic or terminal medical condition requiring extensive medical treatment  that impairs his/her ability to meet treatment and court requirements.
  • The child(ren) has been removed from the parent participants’ care (whether relative care or foster placement) and the parent participant(s) acknowledges removal is primarily a result of substance abuse.

HOPE Court is a collaborative project between the Juvenile Division of Superior Court, The Attorney General’s Office, The Office of Public Defense, DSHS/CFS and local treatment agencies. It would not exist without the shared vision of clean and sober parents back together with and raising their children.

If you are interested in HOPE Court, or know someone who might be, please download a H.O.P.E. Court Brochure HERE. If you are in a Dependency proceeding and believe you fit the requirements, talk with your attorney as soon as possible.


"Working together for Healthier Families"

Family Education and Support Services offers virtual evidence based parenting classes.  For information about evidence based parenting classes, please click on the bolded text to view the attached flyers.

Family Education and Support Services(additional information)

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children - This 4-hour class is designed to assist parents in supporting children who have witnessed, or have been affected by domestic violence. Classes are provided by certified
parenting instructors and are gender specific.

Dynamic Dads - This 14-week court approved, evidence-based virtual parenting class for fathers uses
the “Nurturing Fathers” Curriculum, supplemented with discussion and presentations. It is
an opportunity for men to grow in the company of other men on a pathway to becoming
“Dynamic Dads.”

Parenting in Recovery - This 12-week evidence-based class for parents in recovery uses the Moral Reconation (MRT) Parenting and Family ValuesCurriculum,supplementedwithdiscussionand
presentations. Itisdesigned to address past parenting behaviors, present family
interactions, and assist parents in planning for a healthy family future.

Consider the Children -  This 4-hour class focuses on strategies to support children who live separately from one or both parents.

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