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There is construction going on at the Hall of Justice. The building is getting a new roof, and a new water main is being laid along First Avenue. A large section of our south parking lot is blocked off and sections of the street will be blocked intermittently. Thanks for your patience!

OrganizationOrganization of the Court

Superior Court is headed up by the elected Judges of Cowlitz County who serve as officials of the State of Washington.
The Court Administrator oversees and manages the day-to-day functions of the Superior Court, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probabion & Detention, as well as the Theraputic Courts. Court Administration is also responsible for policy and oversight of the Guardian ad Litem program for the Court.
Administrative Deputies are assigned to various administrative duties for the court as well as serving as the assigned Judicial Assistant to the associated Judicial Department.

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Cowlitz County has 5 elected Superior Court Judge. They serve 4 year terms. Some hearings and calendars are heard by Court Commissioners who are Appointed by the Judges.

Name Position Phone
Judge Gary BashorJudge Gary Bashor Judge Position 1
Judge Stephen WarningJudge Stephen Warning Judge Position 2
Judge Michael EvansJudge Michael Evans Judge Position 3
Judge Marilyn HaanJudge Marilyn Haan Judge Position 4
Judge Anne CruserJudge Anne Cruser Judge Position 5

Court Commissioners

Court Commissioners are appointed by the Superior Court Judges to hear various dockets and calendars. Court commissioners are authroized by the legislature under RCW 2.24.

Name Position Phone
Hon. Dennis P. Maher Court Commissioner 3605773085
Hon. Andra Blondin Court Commissioner 3605773085
Hon. Tierra Busby Court Commissioner 3605773085
Hon. David Nelson Court Commissioner 3605773085
Hon. Chelsea Baldwin Court Commissioner 3605773085


Name Position Phone
Chad Connors Superior Court Administrator 360.577.3085
Danyel Paul Administrative Deputy - Judicial Assistant to Judge Michael Evans
Alice Millward Administrative Deputy - Judicial Assistant to Judge Gary Bashor (360) 577-3155
Leah Iverson Administrative Deputy - Judicial Assistant to Judge Marilyn Haan (360) 577-3100 EX 8111
Julie Dalton Administrative Deputy - Judicial Assistant to Judge Ann Cruser 360-577-3069

Theraputic (Drug) Courts

Name Position Phone
Adam Pithan Therapeutic Courts Manager 360-414-5508
Edward Stone Adult Program Case Manager
Angie Meyers Adult Program Case Manager 360-414-5508
Samantha Swires Drug Court Office Assistant 360-414-5508
Cassie Jolly HOPE & SAFE Court Case Aide 360-577-3100

Juvenile Administration

Name Position Phone
Robert Wagner Juvenile Court Services Manager 360-577.3100 EXT 8113
Ursula Jorgensen Court Clerk/Dependency Secretary/Parent Pay 360-577-3100 ext 8120
Susan Earhart Court Clerk/Offender Secretary 360-577-3100 ext 8100
Marylou Moore Court Clerk/BECCA/Emancipation/Appeals Secretary 360-577-3100 ext 8185
Brenda Snyder Receptionist/Office Assistant 360-577-3100 ext 8102

Juvenile Probation

Name Position Phone
Patricia Scudder Lead Probation Officer
George Moya Probation Officer - Intake/Low Risk 360-577-3100 ext 8114
Cindi Buchannan Probation Officer - Moderate to High Risk 360-577-3100 ext 8135
Matt Harrison Probation Officer - Diversion/Moderate to High Risk/BRIDGES 360-577-3100 EXT 8123
Shannon Miller Probation Officer - CDDA/SAFE COURT/BRIDGES 360-577-3100 ext 8110
Randi Saari Probation Officer - Moderate to High Risk 360-577-3100 ext 8116
Chris Reinertson Probation Officer - At Risk Youth - BECCA 360-577-3100 ext 8115
Whitney Littlefield Probation Officer - Moderate/High Risk 360-577-3100

Juvenile Detention

Name Position Phone
Steve Jones Juvenile Detention Manager 360.577.3101
Clarence F. Detention Officer - Graveyard Lead 360-577-3100 ext 8126
Deryl S. Detention Officer – Dayshift Lead 360-577-3100 ext 8126
Jason M. Detention Officer – Swingshift Lead 360-577-3100 ext 8126

TELEPHONE: 360 577-3085
FAX (360) 414-5506
TTY (800) 883-6388 OR 7115

KELSO, WA 98626
Building Hours - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM