Information for News Organizations

Reporters are always welcome in our courtrooms and generally around the public areas of the Courthouse.

The Superior Court for Cowlitz County does not have a dedicated media center, nor do we have video capabilities that might be of use for a video feed.

On the occasions that there is a desire for news organizations to have cameras in the Courtroom, please contact Court Administration at 360-577-3085 in order to make arrangements. In the event there is a need for a video feed from the courtroom, it will generally be allowed so long as the proceedings are not disrupted, and arrangements are made in advance. If several organizations wish to have such a feed, arrangements will be made to have a "pool" feed for all organizations to use. The state court rule which controls how we handle cameras and recordings in court is General Rule (GR) 16 which can be found on the Administrative Office of the Courts' website HERE.

Should any organization wish to have a video DVD of a particular trial or proceeding, a request can be made using the links under our Appeals Menu. There is a charge for such DVD records.

If your organization wishes to interview any of our judicial officers, please contact Court Administration so we can schedule such an interview. Please note that Judicial officers are very limited by the Washington Judicial Code in their ability to comment on pending cases, including cases which may be on appeal.

Please feel free to subscribe to our Official News Blog for our regular news releases on things of interest around the courthouse.

If your organization wishes to have a Judge speak at your group (Schools, Community Groups, Chambers of Commerce, Etc.), please contact Court Administration to schedule a speaker.

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