S.A.F.E. Court


What is SAFE Court?

Safe Addictions Free Environment

SAFE Court is a Cowlitz County Juvenile Drug Court Program that offers participants the structure to complete substance abuse treatment under the supervision of Superior Court.  Upon successful completion of the program the participant’s current charge(s) are dismissed.

SAFE Court participants are in court every two weeks in addition to their treatment requirements. School or working is mandatory as are participation in various pro-social activities with the drug court team (and the Judge). Recent activities have included Blazer's games, Kayaking with the deputy prosecutor, trips to a horse breeding operation and bowling.

Program Requirements:

  • Abstain from using drugs and/or alcohol
  • Attend SAFE Court Wednesdays at 3:15 pm
  • Attend drug and alcohol treatment groups each week
  • Attend all individual counseling sessions (treatment, mental health, PO, etc.)
  • Attend community support meetings weekly
  • Attend an educational program or have full time employment
  • Pay all restitution prior to program completion
  • Stay current or in compliance with all laws and rules of probation
  • Report all police contact to probation

Goals for SAFE Court

  • Helping youth develop a clean and sober lifestyle
  • Reduce criminal behavior by providing education, treatment, and access to community resources
  • Use a therapeutic model of treatment and supervision that focuses on incentive based services while imposing immediate consequences for unacceptable behavior
  • Effectively building the competency level of each youth thus reducing anti-social behavior
  • Increasing community safety through reductions in recidivism.

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