Obtaining a digital record of a hearing

Copies of the recorded proceeding are available for purchase by completing the order form and including the correct fee. Portions of the proceeding can be transcribed to prepare findings or to prepare a motion, and the attorney or party shall select the transcriptionist. A court-approved transcriber is required to prepare a verbatim report of proceedings on appeal but is not required in the preparation of any part of the record for a purpose other than an appeal.


Please follow these steps to order copies of Superior Court digital recordings: 

Complete the Cowlitz County Superior Court Public CD Order Form and return it to Superior Court Administration. Please note that incomplete forms will not be accepted. Incorrect information will significantly delay the completion of the order.

Please contact Superior Court Administration at 360.577.3085 for assistance.

The charge is $25 for each day / courtroom.  Therefore, multiple days and / or multiple courtrooms will be charged per day, per courtroom.  (For example: a request for a docket in Courtroom 2 and a hearing in Courtroom 1 on the same day will cost $50; a three-day trial is $75 ; or two copies of the same hearing would cost $50.)  

Enclose cash or money order for the correct amount with the completed digital recording order form. Please make money orders payable to Cowlitz County Clerk. 

Personal checks are not accepted.

Orders can generally be completed in one to two business days, unless prior arrangements have been made with Court Administration. 

A digital recording is a “data format” that is viewed through a computer program.  We will include the FTR (ForTheRecord) media player program, so you can install / download it onto your computer.  (Windows and other media players cannot read or play these digital data discs.  You must use the FTR program.)

Please do not hesitate to contact Court Administration at 360-577-3085 if you have any questions concerning these instructions or using the FTR program. 



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