Work Crew

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Work crew is an alternative to detention where youth will work in the community doing projects and labor. A work crew officer from detention will be in charge of arranging the work for youth when they arrive. 

BEFORE youth are allowed to sign up for work crew, they must:

  1. Pay a $10 fee for work crew which expires after 6 months. If you are unable to pay the fee, you must contact your probation officer to see if the Court will waive the fee. 
  2. Complete a Work Crew Application Packet and submit to detention. ALL FOUR PAGES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED

Youth who do not have BOTH of these completed they will not be able to participate in the work crew program. 

WHERE: Work crew is held at the work crew building at Cowlitz County Youth Services Center on Saturday's from 7:45am to 2:30pm.

Rules for Work Crew:

  1. You are expected to be here at 7:45a.m. Transportation MUST be ARRANGED prior to attending crew. No telephone calls are allowed.
  2. You must bring lunch and water. No food or drinks provided at crew.
  3. You need to dress in appropriate outdoor work clothing (i.e. long pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, tennis shoes or work shoes/boots). You will not be permitted to wear shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, sandals, or any type of summer clothing while on the work crew. Do not wear any clothing with any inappropriate pictures or slogans (i.e. alcohol/drug related; sexually oriented; gang related). Remember, you are working out in the public and are expected to dress respectfully. All body piercings must be removed before going out on the work crew. Violation of this will automatically terminate you from the work crew program.
  4. NO Cell phones, iPods, and other digital devices.
  5. Tools are to be put in the proper storage area when finished with the job. DO NOT leave or lay tools down on the ground. Lean them up against a tree or building to ensure the safety of everyone. Report any broken tools to the supervisor immediately.
  6. If given instructions for a particular job, make sure and ask questions if you are not clear on what to do.
  7. You must wear your seatbelt at all times in the work crew van.
  9. Work crew is like a job and you can be fired for rule violations. Things you can be fired for: Negative attitude or outlook on assignments; Not doing your work; Leaving assigned work area without permission; Being late; Not showing up for work; Theft or any other criminal activity; Breaking tools; Interfering with others and their job performance; Violation of safety rules; Fighting; Making fun of others; Negative comments or language and profanity; Disrespecting an Officer; SMOKING AND CHEWING ARE PROHIBITED FROM WORK CREW.