Cowlitz County Youth Services Center

sign 2The Cowlitz County Youth Services Center is located at:

Telephone: 360 577-3100

Cowlitz County Probation is open to the public Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, excluding Court Holidays. For a list of Court Holidays click here.

All persons entering the Juvenile Services Center are subject to search and electronic scanning.

Cowlitz County Youth Services Center (CCYSC), or the Juvenile Department is a part of the Superior Court System. CCYSC building has three main functions: Courtroom, Probation Offices and Detention. The juvenile department serves youth under 18 years of age who have been alleged to have committed or and been found to have committed a crime. 

The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over cases involving the commission of criminal offenses by individuals under the age of 18, allegations of dependency (physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment), at-risk youth, children in need of services, and truancy.

The most important function of Cowlitz County Youth Services Center is to hold juvenile offenders accountable for behavior and the crimes committed through restorative justice. Restorative justice focuses on connecting the offender to the community through community based programs, volunteer work, and partnering with treatment and other agency providers in Cowlitz County. We also understand that supporting the family, not just the youth, will reduce recidivism. 

 ******This is a limited public access facility for the safety and security of its staff, residents and visitors, operated by the Cowlitz County Superior Court for official court business, only.

Visitors will be expected to pass through a metal detector, and visitors carrying weapons of any kind will not be admitted.  Only parents or legal guardians are allowed for visits with residents.  Food and beverages are not allowed, except in designated areas.

Individuals who infringe upon the rights of others or abuse privileges, or who interrupt facility operations or staff, or who engage in loud, aggressive, or disrespectful behavior, or who compromise facility security, may be removed from and face future limitations on access to this facility.

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