2016 Court Schedule

events calendarBelow is the general court schedule for 2017 - up through February 28, 2017.

As of February 28, 2017, we will be operating on a revised schedule as set out HERE.

For planning purposes, you should refer to this calendar.

The horizontal rows are assigned to each of the judicial departments, though a different judge may handle any given docket on a given day.

The schedule changes weekly depending on if it is the First and Third, or Second, Fourth or Fifth week of a given month.

If you have a need for a particular judge to hear a hearing, please call court administration at 360-577-3085 the week before and confirm the judicial officer.

You can download a copy of the schedules in PDF Format at these links: 

2016 1st & 3rd Week Schedules

 2016 2nd & 4th & 5th Week Schedules


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