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Transition School

2019-2020 Transition School Schedule


Contact Information

Rick Jorgusen, Teacher  


Kim Mitchell, Education Advocate   360-577-3100  x8181


Daily Schedule                                                                

First Session        8:35 to 1:10                                               

Second Session   9:35 to 2:10      

Twenty minute early release every Friday. 

Please refer to school calendar for holidays and school breaks.                                                         


Inclement Weather

Transition School does not close for extreme weather.  Transition School will operate two hours late if either Longview School District or Kelso School District run late start or close school due to weather.


Classroom Rules

  1. Raise your hand if you want to move for any reason. You may use the restroom at any time, but it’s required to sign in and out.  Graffiti will not be tolerated.  The restrooms will be checked regularly.
  2. Follow all staff direction without opposition.
  3. Do not leave the classroom without prior verbal/written permission or a re-entry paper will be required.
  4. No communication with peers during class time; including notes, talking, sign or body language.
  5. Phones are not allowed in the classroom and will be collected at the beginning of class. Use of phones in the classroom will result in a 3-day suspension and a re-entry paper.
  6. Treat everyone and everything with respect.
  7. Students will not be allowed into class if tardy. First session students may attend second session.  
  8. Students sleeping in the classroom will be asked to leave and be required to write a re-entry paper.
  9. Daily walking breaks are a privilege. Behaviors such as smoking, vaping, and fighting will result in a suspension from school, termination of walking privileges and a re-entry paper.
  10. Clothing depicting alcohol, drugs, obscene gestures or associated with gangs or gang activity are not allowed. Body must be covered from the top of the shoulders to 5” above the top of the knee cap.



School staff will select the topics of the re-entry papers.  Length of papers are as follows:

First Offense:  500 words

Second Offense:  1000 words

Third Offense: 1500 words

Fourth Offense:  2000 words

Fifth Offense:  Re-entry meeting with parent/guardian, school staff and probation/truancy officer.

Print Email

TELEPHONE: (360) 577-3085
TTY (800) 883-6388 OR 7115
Superior Court Administration Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
KELSO, WA 98626
Building Hours - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM