Community Supervision, also known as Probation, is designed to meet the needs of juveniles, community and victims with an emphasis on community safety, accountability and competency development.

Youth are referred to one of a number of programs based on the type of offense, level of risk, needs and supervision requirements. The youth targeted for community supervision typically have committed felonies or have committed a new offense. Community supervision allows these youth to remain in the community rather than being incarcerated in state facilities.

After disposition each juvenile is assigned to a probation counselor, who will work with them individually on the following:

  • Developing and implementing case plans
  • Monitoring court ordered conditions
  • Providing services to victims
  • Community resources referral
  • Responding to violations of court orders,
  • Counseling, assessments and evaluations
  • Other related services

Probation programs are designed to provide supervision and intervention to targeted populations. The level of service is determined by risks, strengths and needs as identified by an extensive Risk Assessment and other evaluations or assessments that may be appropriate for a particular youth. Risk assessments assist in the identification of factors correlated with future criminal behavior and guide the probation counselor in helping the youth develop a case plan and appropriate services needed to meet the goals.  


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