CCLCR 59 - New Trial, Reconsideration, and Amendment of Judgments

(e)  Hearing on Motion.

     (3)  Nature of Hearing.

  • A motion for reconsideration shall be submitted on briefs and affidavits only, without oral argument, unless the trial judge, on written application from the party, and/or attorney, or on their own motion, allows oral argument.  The motion, which must be made within the time limits set forth in CR 59 and shall be filed with the Superior Court Clerk's Office.  At the time of filing a copy shall be delivered to Court Administration, the opposing party and/or their attorney.  The original and a copy of any response thereto shall be filed with the Superior Court Clerk's Office and thereafter a copy delivered to Court Administration, opposing party and/or their attorney, in accordance with CR 59. The trial judge shall either rule and advise the parties, and/or their attorneys, of the ruling or advise the parties and/or attorneys of desired further proceedings pursuant to CR 59.

[Amended effective September 1, 2012; amended effective September 1, 2016; amended September 1, 2019; emergency amendment January 1, 2023; amended September 1, 2023.]

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