CCLCrR 3.9 - Hearings Under CrR 3.6 and CrR 8.3(c)

No hearings pursuant to CrR 3.6 and CrR 8.3(c) may be noted until the moving party files the motion, affidavit, memorandum of authorities with the court and provides notice to the opposing party.

     The moving party must file all documents at least 10 days prior to any set readiness hearing. The opposing party shall have 5 days to respond.  The moving party (whether original motion or cross-motion) must confirm with the Clerk of the Court and Court Administration, no later than five (5) court days preceding the date set for hearing and advise whether the motion will in fact be testimony or argument.  If such notification is not timely made, the motion will be stricken for resetting.

    [Effective September 1, 2019; amended September 1, 2020; emergency amendment January 1, 2023; amended September 1, 2023.]

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