CCLCrR 4.11 - Miscellaneous


    In all criminal cases set for trial, the attorneys and self-represented parties shall appear on the criminal readiness review docket (in accordance with the schedule found at the week prior to trial, to determine if the case is ready to proceed to trial. Counsel for all parties shall appear and advise the Court of readiness for trial, the expected length of trial and any restrictions as to particular days of the week or Notice of Disqualification under RCW 4.12.050.  Final instructions, including the specific start date and time of the trial, will be given by the Court at the readiness review. Failure to appear may result in the striking of the assigned trial date and/or other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Court.

     (b)  Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, for all cases assigned a specific trial date at the criminal readiness hearing, the parties shall provide the trial judge motions in limine and proposed jury instructions by the close of business on the Thursday the week prior to trial.  Said motions and proposed jury instructions should be emailed to the trial judge and opposing counsel.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2012; amended September 1, 2015; amended September 1, 2020; emergency amendment January 1, 2023; amended September 1, 2023.]

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