CCLGR 17 - Electronic Transmission

    • Facsimile and Other Electronic Transmission Authorized;


         (7) Except as set forth in subsection (a) (5) of Washington State Court General Rule 17, the Clerks of the Court may accept for filing documents containing original signatures that have been sent directly to another by facsimile (fax) transmission or by other electronic means, including, but not limited to, a scan or photograph of the document sent via electronic messaging or email. The attorney or party sending the original signature by other electronic means shall retain the original signed document and/or the proof of sending method (e.g. email) until 60 days after completion of the case.  Nothing in this provision shall be construed to address digital/electronic signatures as defined in RCW 19.34.030 or Washington State Court General Rule 30. Nothing in this provision shall be construed to address the ability to file documentation with the Court Clerk's office by email or other electronic means unless specifically addressed in other rules.

     [Effective September 1, 2018]

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