Court will be by Zoom only on Wednesday

Superior Court will be by Zoom only today. Because we are working with very limited staff all we can do today is set your case over for a new date and time. We want everyone to please stay safe. Judge Marilyn Haan - Presiding Judge
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Updated Face Mask Policy - 4-3-23

Superior Court no longer requires masks of any individual appearing at, or doing business with, the Superior Court. This change went into effect April 3, 2023. The change applies to the public, jurors, and court employees. Jurors have previously been required to wear masks during voir dir . Masks will be permitted to be worn anywhere...
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Eviction Resources Available

There are a number of resources available for tenants who are facing possible eviction. Some resources apply before and eviction case is filed and some apply afterwards. You can get more information from our Eviction Pages on our website, as well as from the attached document from the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Legal Aid Program. (  ...
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Corrected Link for Criminal Readiness Docket

 We are having a technical error in the link for the 11/23 9:00 am criminal readiness docket on our Zoom Calendar. Please use the link below to log into the docket: Sorry for the inconvenience. Topic: Criminal Readiness Docket Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 863 6323 1633...
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Judge Stephen Warning Retires

Today, August 28, 2020, at 1:10 PM , Judge Stephen Warning adjourned court sine die for the last time of his distinguished career, concluding 23 years and 8 months on the Cowlitz County Superior Court Bench. His final docket lasted approximately 10 minutes. At the conclusion of his docket, Judge Warning's spouse, Angie, assisted him with ...
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Virtual Court Notice Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Superior Court has moved to doing most all court matters by virtual connection via Zoom videoconferencing. Most pattern docket notices and orders to appear for court do not provide information about Zoom, and often are worded in such a way to command folks to show up at the Hall of Justice for their hearing. O...
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