Drug Court Recovery Poetry


​On last Thursday one of our Drug Court Participants read a poem he had written about Drug Court to those assembled for our weekly  docket. After a rousing applause, we were given permission to publish the poem so others can enjoy its wisdom.

Here in this program we have an opportunity to regain our lives;

At first it's overwhelming and a lot of work, easy to despise.

The fruits are not always easily seen when there still pain in our lives;

But with blood, sweat and tears, we can break the chains of our hell and most certainly rise.

So many suggestions and rules for us to follow;

Seemingly impossible when our souls still feel hollow.

But we don't look to far ahead, how about just for today;

I will not pick up that first drug, we can manage it that way.

We've heard that one is too many and 1,000 is never enough;

It doesn't matter how cool we are or even how tough.

Is it really all worth it, jails, institutions or even death?

The answer is black and white and I don't mean heroin or meth.

Our recovery is about choices and these choices are ours;

And the choices we make are not easy, they are most certainly hard.

So as we fight for our recovery let's dig deep into our beings;

Do the next right thing, change our people, places and things.

Surrender ourselves, find support groups, even a Higher Power.

Work the NA program, seems like there's a meeting every hour.

If we do the things, we will slowly regain back or lives.

And see the world clearly again, with clean and sober eyes.

© 2017 - Stanton Gallear
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