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We work to provide timely information on this site to our users. If you are interested in receiving news from some of the specific areas of the site listed below, you can subscribe to receive an update when those areas of the site are updated.

Please note you MUST CONFIRM the subscription when you get an email from us by clicking on the confirmation link! If you do not confirm, you will not receive the updates.

Each of the subscriptions listed below are configured to send a summary of activity to subscribers between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm each day. Summaries are sent ONLY if there has been some activity or change made on the site. If you are interested in receiving immediate notification of any change, that can be accomplished through one of our RSS feeds. 

Site Subscription Services

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The above options will provide a daily summary of updates in the above sections of our site delivered by email. The service sends between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm each day when an update has been posted.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that email subscription services can fail, and you may not receive a particular update. We rely on outside vendors for handling of the subscriptions, and occasionally there can be an interruption of service. We provide this service as a convenience to your users and hope if is helpful.

RSS Subscriptions

rss logo1 300x135RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds are available in various sections of the site. If you see the little orange RSS symbol at the top of a page, there is a feed available for that page. RSS feeds provide near-immediate updates. You need to have a feed reader on your device in order to monitor the RSS feeds.

There are a variety of feed reader apps available both for Apple IOS products, Android products and Microsoft products. The Court makes no endorsement of any products and would refer you to your IT department or other resources to choose which application will work best for you. Our demonstration help documents referenced below may utilize certain products as a way to illustrate the process needed and are not an endorsement.

We cannot provide technical support for the feeds, however we will be adding some information documents below to assist you in configuring various web browsers for your convenience. You should always download the latest help document available as we make changes to instructions to keep them current.

The instructions are not exclusive, and if you have access to IT support in your organization, you should discuss with them first. Some organizations may have restrictions on the use of RSS feeds on organization-owned devices. Links to RSS instructions for various browsers will be listed below when available.

RSS Feeds for Internet Explorer

RSS Feeds for Google Chrome

 The above documents are provided in Adobe PDF format. You may need to install the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader if your device does not already have it installed. 

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