Handling of Civil/Domestic Orders

To: CWBA; Family Law Email Lists; Civil Law Email Lists Fr: Judge Marilyn K. Haan Dt: July 5, 2022 Re: Handling of Civil/Domestic Orders There seems to be confusion about the processing and handling of Civil/Domestic orders, be it "proposed" or "originals" being submitted to the court, as well as the process necessary for presentation of orders in ...
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In-Person Plea Dockets

5 July 2022 As the Court moves more hearings back to having in-person options, we will be updating our policies accordingly. For the criminal in-person plea dockets, which are currently set on Wednesdays, the assumption is they will be in-person. We also will be handling some pleas for in-custody matters from the jail, via Zoom. Although these dock...
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WA State Guardianship Law Free Seminar and MCLE

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Updated Masking Policy - Superior Court

Effective immediately, 13 May 2022, during any Superior or Juvenile court proceeding, other than the jury trials, the wearing of surgical quality masks shall be at the option of the participant. All participants of Superior Court Jury trials shall wear a surgical quality mask during the proceedings. Surgical quality masks will be available for...
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JUVENILE - IN PERSON COURT HEARINGS (EFFECTIVE APRIL 11, 2022, AMMENDED May 13, 2022) Court News Daily Schedule Juvenile Court News From the Bench Michelle Honey Tuesday, 29 March 2022 228 Hits To: Juvenile Court Participants From: Evans, Michael Date: March 29, 2022 Re: In Person Court Hearings (effective April 11, 2022) (AMENDED) The recent ...
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Tuesday UGA docket time changing 3/29/2022

Starting March 29, 2022, the Tuesday UGA docket will be moving to 10:30 am from it's current time of 9:00 am. The schedule on the webpage located at https://cowlitzsuperiorcourt.us/2022-schedule will not be changed until closer to this date.
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