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Title Description Created Date Download
Survey of Sexual Victimization
Downloads: 958
, Size: 419.3 KB
11-26-2018 Download
PREA Policy 13.6
Downloads: 408
, Size: 129.33 KB
11-26-2018 Download
10 steps for Presenting Evidence in your Case
Downloads: 1102
, Size: 592.23 KB
Article on general tips for presenting evidence in court by Author: Nancy Ver Steegh, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Consultant, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. This is NOT specific to Washington State Evidence law but a generally helpful article. 11-18-2016 Download
10 Ways to find Help with Your Case
Downloads: 1112
, Size: 504.74 KB
Tips for self represented victims of domestic violence. An article by Amanda Kay, JD, Program Attorney with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Not specific to Washington but a very good article. 11-18-2016 Download
Guide to Sealing and Destroying Records
Downloads: 900
, Size: 7.43 MB
11-01-2016 Download
Record Sealing Request Form
Downloads: 460
, Size: 15.48 KB
11-26-2018 Download
Guardianship Attorney Fee Policy
Downloads: 1606
, Size: 53.97 KB
New Policy regarding the payment of attorney fees in guardianship cases. Effective March 29, 2016. 11-26-2018 Download
Unlawful Detainer Summons Policy
Downloads: 1642
, Size: 163.74 KB
Updated policy regarding the use of alternate return deadlines in Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Summons Forms. 11-26-2018 Download
Adult Drug Court Process and Outcome Evaluation - 2014
Downloads: 2236
, Size: 527.36 KB
2014 Adult Drug Court Process and Outcome Evaluation by Nick McRee 03-04-2016 Download
RSS Feeds for Google Chrome
Downloads: 1619
, Size: 795.74 KB
Basic step by step instructions for setting your browser up for our various RSS feeds. This is the version for Google's Chrome browser 02-24-2016 Download
RSS Feeds for Internet Explorer
Downloads: 1661
, Size: 1.06 MB
Basic step by step instructions for setting your browser up for our various RSS feeds. The is the Internet Explorer version. 02-24-2016 Download
Clerk's Docket Notice Information
Downloads: 1286
, Size: 46.5 KB
This form is available from the Clerk's Office Website Forms at . Superior Court maintains a copy here for your convenience. Version has been updated as of 12.16.14 02-18-2016 Download
Trial Readiness Notices
Downloads: 1498
, Size: 63.81 KB
Trial Readiness Notices to ALL PARTIES including Guardians on Trial Setting Notices 02-10-2016 Download
Title 26 Family Law Guardian ad Litem Policies and Procedures FEATURED
Downloads: 1996
, Size: 193.41 KB
These are the Courts Title 26 Family Law Guardian ad Litem Policies and Procedures - revised June 2018 06-30-2014 Download
DOL Reinstatement Request
Downloads: 1118
, Size: 19.84 KB
Form requesting that DOL reinstate a juvenile's license early, following a suspension due to criminal offenses. 11-26-2018 Download
Interpreter Policy Update
Downloads: 1508
, Size: 99.62 KB
Please read if scheduling an interpreter in Superior Court. 11-26-2018 Download
GR 31.1 Public Records Request Policy
Downloads: 1821
, Size: 33.09 KB
Official policy regarding public records requests to the Court per General Rule 31.1 01-14-2016 Download
Administrative Record Request Form
Downloads: 1379
, Size: 41.33 KB
Form for requesting information from the courts under General Rule GR 31.1 01-06-2016 Download
2016 2nd & 4th & 5th Week Schedules
Downloads: 3930
, Size: 243.88 KB
2016 Court Calendar effective February 1, 2016. for Second, Fourth and Fifth weeks of the month. 01-06-2016 Download
2016 1st & 3rd Week Schedules
Downloads: 4041
, Size: 159.76 KB
2016 Court Calendar effective February 1, 2016. for First and Third weeks of the month. 01-06-2016 Download
Downloads: 4458
, Size: 103.82 KB
PDF format form for using Local Rule 16 in general Civil Cases 01-12-2015 Download
Rule 16 - Pretrial Procedure and Formulating Issues (1/1/2015) PDF
Downloads: 3222
, Size: 65.71 KB
A rule regarding the use of scheduling orders together with approved local forms. Effective January 1, 2015. In Word Format. In Adobe PDF Format. 12-03-2014 Download
LCR 88(d) Enforcement Memo
Downloads: 2474
, Size: 194.22 KB
Cowlitz County Local Civil Rule 88(d) has not been regularly enforced in the past. Starting May 1, 2015, it will. Memo on policy from Judge Evans.   04-23-2015 Download
Emergency Ex Parte Order Procedure (7 Apr 15)
Downloads: 1140
, Size: 81.2 KB
Change in emergency order procedures effective April 7, 2015. 04-08-2015 Download
How to Modify or Rescind a Domestic Violence Restraining Order
Downloads: 4182
, Size: 722.84 KB
The process and general rules for modification of a Domestic Violence Protection Order. 02-28-2015 Download

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