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The Superior Court for Cowlitz County has created a number of local forms that are used in our court. You can find a listing of all of our local forms on this site as well as links to several other sites that provide additional forms that are useful statewide. Links to the various categories of forms are located in the Forms Quicklinks menu to the right, and if you prefer to simply look through the available forms, they are listed at THIS LINK .

Our Superior Court Clerk also supplies certain mandatory forms which you will need to place your matter on a court docket. The Clerk's specific forms can be located HERE .

Mandatory as well as optional forms issued by the State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) can be located at THIS LINK . Please note that the State of Washington requires litigants to use state approved forms in all Family Law as well as Dependency Proceedings.

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Forms for general use. Not necessarily from Superior Court, but necessary for practicing in Superior Court. These forms are provided for your convenience. We make every effort to keep these forms current but we make no guarantee they are. You may need to check with the particular office which issues the form for a more current version if needed.

Local forms maintained by the Superior Court Clerk's Office, including the official Docket Notice, can be located at THIS LINK.

Specific forms for use in Adult Criminal Cases

Forms for a variety of circumstances as well as informational forms that don't fit into any of the specific categories.

Forms specific to Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity and Child Support Matters.

Forms used in Cowlitz County for Manditory Settlement Conference Proceedings. These are required by local rule.

Cowlitz County specific forms for requesting your fees to be waived in full or in part based on your financial circumstances.

The forms necessary to complete a Civil Arbitration in Cowlitz County Superior Court. You can download a ZIP file with all forms or browse through the list and only download the items you need. If you get the ZIP file, you will need Winzip or some other program to open the file. If you need a program, there are many free ones such as 7-ZIP available.

Forms needed to request copies of the recorded record of a trial or hearing. In addition, the forms are here for requesting a transcript (designating an approved transcriptionist) for filing an appeal from this court.

Various informational pamphlets as well as certain request forms to be used in the Juvenile court.

Forms related to arranging for an interpreter for your court hearing. Some informational forms about interpreters in the court are also provided.

Categoría incluye arias formas traducidas al español u otros idiomas.

(Category includes arious forms translated into Spanish or other languages.)

This section contains all forms used in or related to our various therapeutic courts. You can narrow your search down to Adult Drug Court Forms, H.O.P.E. Court Forms or S.A.F.E. Court Forms by choosing that category.

Forms related to serving as a Guardian ad Litem in Cowlitz County Superior Court.

Local Court Rules not yet published on the State Court Site or not yet in effect. Effective date Noted.

All other local court rules currently in effect should be available on the State Court Rules site which is located HERE.

General policies and procedures applicable to Superior Court for Cowlitz County.

Forms needed to get a trial date in Cowlitz County Superior Court.

Downloadable instructions to assist in using some of the technical features of our website.

Documents for non-represented parties. Many are provided by other organizations and the Superior Court makes no endorsement of them.

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