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Mandatory Arbitration

The forms necessary to complete a Mandatory Arbitration in Cowlitz County Superior Court. You can download a ZIP file with all forms or browse through the list and only download the items you need. If you get the ZIP file, you will need Winzip or some other program to open the file. If you need a program, there are many free ones such as 7-ZIP available.

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All of the current manditory arbitration forms in a zip file. You will need winzip or some other program to extract the files.

If all parties agree to an arbitrator, use this form to select same.

The document used in Superior court to get your case referred to Arbitration. Prior orders are incorrect and may result in a delay of your request.

This form must be filled out and submitted according to the instructions in order be paid for the state portion of the Arbitrator's fee.

Used to schedule the hearing on the arbitration.

You will need to indicate the dates that you will be available to arbitrate your case.

If you settle your case, then file this completed document with the Court.

The form necessary to enter the award from the arbitrator with the Court.

Arbitrator Appointment form.

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