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Appearing by Phone

Cowlitz County Superior Court allows parties and attorneys to appear telephonically via CourtCall on the following civil motion calendars:

Due to trial scheduling, a particular Judge may not be on the normal schedule - please contact Court Administration at 360-577-3085 if you need to inquire about a specific judge or docket.

To set up a CourtCall appearance, dial 888.882.6878 at least 24 hours in advance.  (If you are requesting the $60 Court Call fee to be waived, you will find the forms below and you should start the process at least 2 weeks prior to allow enough time for judicial review and approval.)

You will need to provide the Courtcall Code from the table below for the docket you wish to appear by phone on.

You can find additional information on CourtCall at www.courtcall.com. 

The Following civil dockets/hearings are approved for CourtCall appearances in Cowlitz County:

Courtcall Approved Motion Dockets
Mondays Courtcall Code Docket Time
Domestic Trial Assignments (Judge Warning) Even check digit (last # in case) Dept. 6 8:45 am
Domestic Docket  (Judge Warning)  Even check digit  (last # in case number) Dept. 1 9:00 am
Domestic Trial Assignments (Judge Evans) Odd check digit  (last # in case number) Dept. 6 12:45 pm
Domestic Docket  (Judge Evans)  Odd check digit (the last # in case number)  Dept. 2 1:00 pm
Paternity Motion Docket (Commissioner Maher) Dept. 5 9:30 am
Child Support Docket (Commissioner Maher)  1st & 3rd Monday Dept. 5 9:45 am

Attorney Presentations (Commissioner Maher)  1st & 3rd Thursday

Child Support Trials (Commissioner Maher) 1st & 3rd Thursday

Dept 5

Dept 5

1:30 pm

2:00 pm

Protection Order Hearings (Commissioner Maher) Dept. 5 1:00 pm
No dockets eligible for Courtcall

Pro Se Dissolutions/Dom. Relations (Comm, Maher)

Dept. 5 9:00 am
Civil Trial Assignments (Court Administration) Dept. 6 1:45 pm

Guardianship / Probate Docket

Dept. 1 on 2nd, 4th, & 5th weeks*   (Judge Warning)

Dept. 2 on 1st and 3rd weeks*     (Judge Evans)

*Weeks are defined by Monday, not Wednesday


Dept. 1 - SW

Dept. 2 - ME


1:00 pm

Civil Motion Docket

Dept. 1 on 2nd, 4th, & 5th weeks*   (Judge Warning)

Dept. 2 on 1st and 3rd weeks*     (Judge Evans)

* Weeks are defined by MONDAY (not Wednesday)

Dept. 1 - SW 

Dept. 2 - ME

2:00 pm
Trial Readiness Review (Court Administration) Dept. 6 8:30 am
Support Mods/Paternity Trials (Commissioner Maher) Dept. 5 2:00 pm
Civil / Family Law Presentations (Judge Haan) Dept. 3 8:45 am
Civil / Family Law Presentations (Judge Bashor) Dept. 4 8:45 am

*Weeks are defined by Monday, not Wednesday

The Judge may allow telephonic appearances on other matters by special request and prior arrangement.
 Parties without attorneys may also use CourtCall to appear at hearings where their physical presence is not required.  Fees may be waived by the Court if a party does not have the funds to pay for CourtCall.  To request a fee waiver, a party must submit a written motion to the court at least one week prior to the time for the hearing.  It is the responsibility of that party to call Superior Court Administration at 360.577.3085 to verify if the Waiver has been approved by the Court. A link to the necessary forms is located below and on our Forms page.

Forms Needed by the Court for Waiver of Courtcall Fees (indigent litigants only)

Declaration to Waive Courtcall Fees - PDF
Order Waiving Courtcall Appearance Fee - PDF

Forms are in Adobe Acrobat format. Click HERE to get the Free Adobe Reader


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