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Friday, April 19, 2024


Judge Marilyn K. Haan

8:45 am

Presentations - Zoom

Jail Courtroom

9:00 am

Criminal Plea Docket– (Not Streamed)  

Jail Courtroom

1:00 pm

Criminal First Appearances – (Not Streamed)

Jail Courtroom


Judge Thad E. Scudder

9:00 am

23-7-00129-08 & 23-7-00130-08 – ½ Day Fact Finding

Courtroom #2


Commissioner Jill Karmy

8:00 am

ITA Hearings (1) – (Not Streamed) - Zoom

Virtual Courtroom A

9:00 am

Unlawful Detainer Docket - Zoom

Virtual Courtroom A

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